Academic Space Management


Surplus Property is starting a reorganization of the Surplus Warehouse W - 7. To do this, we need all furniture to be removed from the Surplus Warehouse by March 4, 2019. If you need furniture please come out to the warehouse to see what is available. If you have reserved any furniture, all furniture needs to be picked up by March 4, 2019. Please remember to place a work order to ensure all furniture is picked up by March 4, 2019. Any furniture not picked up will no longer be available to the requester. Any reservations that had a 15-day hold will be considered canceled. Thank you in advance for taking the necessary action to support this reorganization.

We will be sending out further updates on Surplus Property’s transformation in the near future.

Thank You,

FIU’s Warehouse and Surplus Property Team

Furniture Available for Repurposing

Coming Soon

Furniture Repurposing

Furniture Available for Repurposing

In accordance with FIU’s efforts to be a global leader in environmentally sustainable and economically feasible practices, we will be posting furniture that is available for repurposing.