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Guide to Moving

Online Move Packet Form

A move to newly assigned space cannot be initiated without written approval from Academic Space Management (ASM). A move within the department's controlled space must be approved by the department Dean\VP.

The success of any move depends on the preliminary planning and scheduling of each phase. University policy recommends at least one month's notice to employees affected by a change in location. CLICK HERE to understand the various processes that are required for a move. The following procedures and electronic form will ensure a successful and smooth relocation. The department moving must have a representative at both locations with key access the day of the move. Add all items including surplus to the electronic move form.


  • 18” X 18” X 12” corrugated boxes may be purchased from Office Max.
  • Sealing and masking tape can be purchased from Office Max.


  • To initiate Moves/Adds/Disconnects of voice services, as part of a departmental move, please submit a service request online at or by calling the UTS Support Center at 305-348-2284 as soon as you know your department will be moving to a new location. A service representative will contact you to coordinate the detailsof the move and provide the necessary price quotes and documentation.
  • Please ensure that staff update their individual employee listings in the FIU Phonebook at
  • Please open an incident request with the UTS Support Center at 305-348-2284 to update departmental listing(s).
  • Voice Over IP Phones can be unplugged from the old location and reconnected at the new location by the users.
  • All other services (faxes, credit card machines, burglar alarms, modems, etc.) require work by a technician. If you are moving to a new building, arrangements for installing fire and elevator lines should have already been done.
  • All forms and requisitions must be received by our office at least 15 business days prior to the scheduled move date.
  • Users moving from other campuses (BBC, Pines, Wolfsonian) will require new phone numbers since they are campus specific.
  • Some of our forms will require the MAC address of the IP phone. The MAC address is located on a label on the back of the phone.


  • It is recommended that each department and user be responsible for disconnecting the phone, computer, and peripherals. Facilities Management or the moving contractor is responsible for moving all properties but departments are responsible for labeling and packing systems and peripherals.
  • Each PC., Monitor, and printer, should have a masking tape label. Each label should include the username, the building destination, and the room number the system will be moving to (please note that conventional labels are not recommended as they are difficult to remove). Two masking tape labels per property are recommended. One label should be placed on the side and the other label should be placed on the top of the property.
  • Each scanner should have the safety lock engaged prior to moving (on the back or underneath the scanner). It is also recommended that delicate systems should be moved by the individual to avoid the possibility of the movers damaging the equipment.
  • All cables and peripherals such as keyboards, mouse, digital cameras, and speakers should be put in a box (recommended) or at the very minimum, a bag. The box or bag should be labeled with the username, building, and room number that it will be moved to.
  • Please be aware that some of the new offices may have the power outlet at a far distance from the computer or system. For this reason, it is recommended that additional extension cords and surge protectors be purchased well in advance of the move it they are needed. Individual departments are responsible for purchasing additional surge protectors and extension cords.


  • An email notification will be sent to Campus Postal Administration after Work Management confirms the move date.


  • For department access please fill out a Key Request form at
  • Locknetics access requires department head to request access via email at
  • Please call Key Control at 7-4677 for department re-key.


  • Copy machines in your office will require servicing and disconnecting before a scheduled move to a new or temporary location.
  • The move form will contact Duplicating Services when copy machines need to be relocated.
  • Copy machines are the property of Duplicating Services. These machines must be serviced and moved by Duplicating personnel.


  • The online move form needs to be completed before a move can be scheduled.
  • Occupants of space to be vacated need to contact the FIU Move Coordinator, Hillary Stauffer, at ext 74603, for information that will help you prepare to relocate into new space within your department, on another floor or in another building.
  • A group of individuals that must be moved together at the same time, from a building or area, must be submitted all in one move packet.


  • Contact Facilities Move Coordinator Hillary Stauffer ext 74603.

Online Move Packet Form